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Quiero esto en mi Blog!

* Crop circle en White Horse, Nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 25th May

The White Horse and Seven Days Count of New Moon (May 25)
And again, the MOON gets featured in crop circles!
Impeccably beautiful, it seems to me to set up an astronomical Sun-Earth system and highlight some kind of lunar influence (in a seven-position arc) on Earth, in 1/3 of a circle ... deduced 3x7 = 21 (total) Which takes us to the date of solar eclipse 21.8.2017.
And there is a relationship even with the Moon, because today is New Moon day, May 25, and seven days ahead, we will have the Crescent Moon on June 1 ... just like this arc of 1 / 3 circle illustrates, the Moon in seven days, and maybe it's a crop circle marking something for June 1 ... a new crop circle in June 1?'

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