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* Nuevo crop circle en newton Barrow, Nr Stoford, Wiltshire. Reported 15th June.

Just a wee warning for anyone temped to visit this location... if indeed the CC is still there; the farmer was seen 
checking it out. The very busy road is on a blind bend and extremely dangerous with a small parking area that
 is hard to exit safely! We only just got out intact...dust and gravel, wheels spinning! The whole experience 
wasn't that pleasant and even the drone had difficulties locating the precise spot ...the CC seemed to be
 'hiding' itself in the crop; But later we were intrigued by the apparent symbolism suggested by the two 
opposing arrows (or forces?) their travel emphasised by crescents and an under slung pointer 
implying perhaps movement away.... towards harmony?...but all that's just a thought. All this in 
close proximity to two transmitter/receiver aerial masts, something we've seen before. Interestingly, 
this CC coincided neatly with another very poignant event at Stanton St. Bernard in the Vale of Pewsey 
that was clearly a symbol of PEACE, something that should be quite obvious to all.  

La misteriosa figura fue descubierta el 15 de junio de 2015. Imagenes tomadas por Steve Alexander

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