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In this gallery, the Aliens are of monstrous disposition encountered by everyday people like you and me. The only differences is that these people have the courage to relate, regardless of ridicule and disbelief. Most of the aliens depicted in this galley, I try as far as possible to do justise to these witness by illustrating as close as possible what is being related by them.

The Alien Cyclop
In August 28, 1963, three boys residing in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais Brazil saw this 10 feet tall Cyclopic alien being. The boys even claimed that the one-eyed entity even tried to communicate with them and one of the boys was shot at by a yellow beam that was projected from the chest of this towering otherworldly beings.

The Insectoid
It is in my opinion that if we the homo-sapiens are not able to put aside our petty differences and eventually create Armageddon and 'nuke' each other out, the most likely species to rise and claim dominance on this planet is the insects. With their intelligence and adaptability, and their shear number of species; the insects will be the next dominant species and given another million years of evolution, it will be a good bet that it will evolved into a bipedal insect-being probably 4 to 5 feet tall and menacing looking. Thus we don't even have to look to outer space to imagine about menacing Insectoids, there are already so many undiscovered species of insects right here on earth, they will probably be the one species that are going to out live us. Given that the insects are the most diverse group of animals on earth, with over 800,000 species; its more than all other animal groups combined. But prior to these terrestrial insect species evolving into a more superior life-form both in their physiology and intelligence, there have already been reports of insect-like life forms rather than humanoid intelligences perpetrating the abduction of human beings. Most abductees were able to notice the similarity between the earthly insects and the bipedal Insectoids that they encountered.

The Zanfretta Alien
One of the most highly publicised alien abduction incident that took place in Italy in the late seventies was undoubtably that of Fortunato Zanfretta. The first encounter for Zanfretta took place in Marzano, Genoa in Italy on the 6th December of 1978. He was then a night watchman when he told of his first encounter with the 10 feet tall monstrous alien and later under hypnosis, more sinister experiences including abduction and probing by this menacing beings began to unfold.

The Alien Mummy
The Ancient Egyptians believed that mummification was the guarantee of eternal life; and they went through great extent to preserve their dead. After several centuries of improving their techniques in mummifying their dead, they came up with an elaborate process that ends with a heavily bandaged body that is known as a mummy. Strangely on a fateful night in October 11, 1973; two fishermen encountered 3 mummies of extre-terrestrial origin. Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker was fishing at the Pascagoula river in the Mississippi when they saw a UFO that flew pass them. Like most Americans, even though they were struck with fear, curiosity got a better of them and they were compelled to tackle the unknown. They were greeted by alien creature that both men described bear great resemblance to the Egyptian mummy except for the conical features protruding from the ears and nose. One of the witness, Hickson even stood up to a lie detector test and pass with flying colours.

Alien Globster
This bizarre incident took place in Domesten, Kristianstad, in Sweden in December of 1958. Two men, Stig Rydberg and Hans Gustafsson saw a disc shaped object and ran into four jellied, bluish grey globster-like beings about 3 feet in height. They said they moved about by crawling and jumping; one of the men even claimed physical contact with one of this alien globster.

The Alien Frogman
Reports of reptilian-amphibian encounters are but rare and few, but there were a spate of sightings of alien frogmen encounters in Loveland, Ohio back in the 1970s. An earlier account which took place in the same region dates back to March of 1955 by a respectable businessman named Robert Hunnicutt. He reported seeing three grotesque looking entities squatting under a bridge like fairy tale trolls. He described that the creatures' heads were distinctly frog-like and one of them was holding a device that emitted sparks. Hunnicutt also added that the device was high-tech, as if something from some science fiction films. Which is why I classified the Loveland Frogman, as it later came to be known, as extra-terrestrial entity, though no UFOs were being reported at the time.
 The picture above is more accurately depicting the Mandurah Frogman, a amphibious creature seen by a teenager, Beryl Hickey one night back in 1930. It was appropriately named the Mandurah Frogman because the incident took place in Mandurah in Western Australia. Hickey's father who was a staunch Christian thought that the evil-looking being was the devils workings and was greatly terrified by the creature. Her father finally mustered enough courage to toss a prawning net at frog-like entity as it squeak and struggle to set itself free. When the father returned to the scene with a pitch-fork to poke at it, the slippery and glistening critter has already escaped from its captor-slippery little devil!

Alien Hybrid-Batsquatch
If you are thinking of hunting for UFOs in North America, my best bet would be staking out at Mount Rainier. Yes, its the birth-place of the term flying-saucer. But whats more bizarre is this strange hybrid alien which is probably marooned here long, long time ago in the remotest and hard to reach part of Mount Rainier. The earliest account of this weird entity with a equally strange name, Batsquatch, comes from a well respected climber from Washington named Major Edward Ingraham. He published an account of his strange encounter at the summit of Mount Rainier in 1895 while he was exploring some steam caves. A more contemporary encounter with this pterodactyloid entity was also reported by a Brian Canfield in 1993 at the foothills of the mountain. It was probably due to the scarce food supply at the mountain top that the Batsquatch was compelled to descend from his lair. 

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